Welcome to Lovelock Systems Ltd

Lovelock Systems Ltd. design, implement and maintain bespoke quantitative financial applications. Established in May 2016 by Steven Lovelock who has over 5 and half years’ experience working with client focused financial software development.


OCCAM Financial Technology

POW – advanced portfolio optimisation and risk analysis solution provided by OCCAM Financial Technology

Real Estate Strategies

PAC-M – property cashflow modelling software from Real Estate Strategies

Smart Portfolio Strategies

A new backtesting system for quantitative investment strategies based upon a customised Markowitz optimisation. Specifically designing the system to avoid the shortcomings of optimisation while still obtaining higher returns and reduced risk.

Developing tools and research for bespoke investment strategies, e.g. in house ETFs.


C#.NET and C++ based projects

Excel add-in development and reporting

Upgrading old software to newer frameworks

Designing new systems to meet client specifications


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